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• Resume

• Cover Letter

• A link to some place we can review your work.

Position: Social Creative


• Full-time, 40 hours per week.

• Competitive salary.

• Three weeks vacation to start.


You can conceive, create and release creative content into the online social space. Your work is innovative, unafraid and a shoestring budget doesn’t scare you - it challenges you. You want to help smaller Atlantic Canadian businesses grow and hire more Atlantic Canadians.

You know you can help our local small businesses grow through more unique and memorable storytelling on Instagram, Facebook and across emerging platforms that only people like you really know about.

You’re passionate about your work but you can accept and appreciate feedback and creative direction. You like to both create and implement. Attention to detail, schedules and checking things off lists are right up your alley.

Light travel around Atlantic Canada is fine by you, but you’d like to stick to Halifax most days.

You want to work in and contribute to strengthening Downtown Dartmouth.

Experience in the marketing field is considered an asset. Experience in photography and video editing is considered an asset. Experience managing large social media accounts is considered an asset. Experience in public relations is considered an asset. Experience in having a creative idea and seeing it through is considered an asset. Experience in D&D, Magic: The Gathering, Settlers of Catan, chess, politics, social advocacy, cooking, baking, gardening or generally having a life outside of work is considered an asset. Having a sense of humor is a must.

You believe every person alive today has a right to peace in their lifetime.

You are not afraid to fail. Quickly. Repeatedly.

You are not afraid to try again.


• Being honest, upfront, transparent and trustworthy.

• You must have a vehicle. It’s a bummer but it’s needed -
we have clients around Halifax, across Nova Scotia and
throughout the maritimes.

• Understanding of the power and responsibilities associated
with practicing marketing in today’s world

• Ensure every piece of client creative that appears online
embodies that client’s unique values and proposition set.

• Conceptualize visually and narratively the values of our new
clients for social consumption

• Re-articulate visually and narratively the values of existing

• Create and fulfill promotional/marketing campaigns across
social platforms.

• Engage with clients in a manner that puts them at ease and
ensures you can capture their feedback, opinions, wants, needs and business objectives.

• Communicate client engagements to our entire creative team succinctly and openly.

• Use social publishing tools and engage on social media on behalf of clients daily.

• Contribute to regular project traffic meetings with meaningful input with respect to timelines and project/task statuses.

• Ability to manage dynamic work timelines

• Ability to leave work at work - (you must have a life.)

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